Hi everyone. Thought I'd say a quick hello. I'm checking out the potential for alternative social media platforms, including Diaspora, Gab and Parler. I'm interested in free speech, democracy and equal opportunity.

You can't make this stuff up.

"The problematic facts, in this case, came from a new paper from a professor at Princeton, showing that violent rioting makes undecided observers less likely to support a cause, while peaceful protesting has the opposite effect. One of Progressphile’s members, election data analyst David Shor, made the mistake of tweeting this study, and was immediately denounced as a racist."


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Calling , , and people who value and - I've put a lot f time and money into this. I'd dearly appreciate a share. Perhaps you might consider sharing? If you think this might be a worthy idea? Launching Next month, July 1st.



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