I've tried for every year for about 13 years. I always went back to because I considered Linux a "toy"; something to play around with. But in 2019, I've moved to Linux full time. I can't even express how much I love Linux. I'll never go back to Windows. The OS is free, the software is free. It's more private and secure. You don't have to mess with licences if your HDD dies. Just reinstall. Linux is the future; a OS, hands down. 10/10.

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@nickchuckwalter Not really mate. If anything, maybe some of the video edit software. Especially . But I am getting used to . I am a web developer, so I do a lot of movie and image editing. I can use on . All my websites are made with , so that's all done online. I'm really lacking nothing. The only reason I didn't make the full switch sooner was mainly driver and connection issues. But in 2019 Linux is running like a dream, in ALL departments. Bye Windows!

@mrlen dang that’s awesome. Tempted to give it a shot

@nickchuckwalter Just do it man. Install a dual boot. Practice for a few months until you get the hang of it. There's a vibrant Linuc community, so you'll always find a helping hand 😎

@mrlen for the past several years, I've been trying to get people to TRY #Ubuntu #Linux and they just give me a scared look. That's the image that is hard to shake

@okpierre Yeah, admittedly there is a slight learnibg curve, but its WELL worth it. Plus people can dual boot until they get "trained up" 😎

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