@ThatMadSpaceman neoliberalism, communism, socialism, fascism .. ALL TARDS. Including you and all your BS .. Mr professional communist, running around arguing with people online. I have an idea. Go and get a job. I'm getting back to "work" now, because I am a capitalist :) I spend my time building myself up, not writing stories on Mastodon to people I don't even know.

@ThatMadSpaceman They say weed is a gatway to hard drugs. Neoliberalism is a gateway to communism :)

@ThatMadSpaceman To be clear and more precise, it is not communist. It has been infiltrated by communists.

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I often (well, almost always) cook with dry when . I wondered if fresh herbs would be better. I found my answer, This is a really good video. I think I should start at least using fresh and though.


It's true what is saying. When fighters want to fight outside the octagon, it just makes people think the is for neanderthals. No one wants to see people scrapping in public, giving everyone and everything a bad name. Part of being a good fighter is having a level head and carrying yourself well.


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