Right now is taking a nosedive and the are falling too. I currently hold 10 altcoins, but I am not at all worried. I hope you don't panic sell and lose your hard earned money. Don't fall for the trick.


As a community of people who value truth, it is extremely important that we learn to write effective articles. We also need to learn how to get them ranked on search engines. I wrote this article for AddMe. I hope that my buddies will find it useful. I know a lot of you have websites and blogs.


Are you in a relationship with , or are you eating processed food? I agree with this video..


@brandon It will pass and become a memory. Better days will come. Breathe.

I think everyone is missing the greater point here. Sure, the man threatened everyone on the plane -- whatever -- but why isn't anyone praising him for doing his part to not spread ? What a thoughtful man. He was even trying to social distance until two guys rudely intruded into his safe space.


Don’t worry everyone. We know the and their lefty army of want to pull down all national in the , and is no exception. However, fear not, because the Democrats don’t know what country it’s in.


Are you a truther? A patriot? Conservative? A Christian?

Here's something New! Launched today..

Have a little read of this page and lemme know what you think below


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