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I actually find this whole situation to be rather humorous. Jason Knight takes on two idiots in a toilet stall. Good on him. They're lucky he didn't have proper space to move, or they would definitely have been put to sleep.

When I started babbling about a month ago it was $2.50. Now it is $4.28. Just sayin'..

So anyone that would have purchased $1,000 a month ago would now have $1712.

However, it's not too late. It's going to keep rising. Mark my words.

My picks for 2020. This is my first video. I talk about (an ) and also a little about myself and who I am, considering this is my first crypto video.

It has come to my attention that a new called was launched on the 5th of November. It is crypto (decentralised finance). It's a great idea with a lot of backing. It is also the ONLY DeFi crypto for . Al the other's use . So, I reckon it's a sure winner.

Massive Storm in America Biggest EVER Recorded | AMAZING | MUST WATCH | SHARE!

So you have trouble "BELIEVING" the story? healed the sick, turned water to wine, made the blind see. There are examples in the where he shows he knew everything a person ever did and even what they were thinking. He predicted the immediate future many times. He calmed storms with his mouth. He even RAISED The DEAD (multiple times)! You don't think he can get a penguin to the Ark?

This was a pretty sucky and unfortunate ending. Even though didn't do well in the first rounds against , he is well know for his endurance and very likely could have won the latter rounds.

O'Rourke ends 2020 presidential campaign. And in other news: ends bid to join the NBA, doesn't get Terminator 7 role and Sells Space X to start a company to rid the world of plastic straws.

This is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. It looks like some kind of chemical spilled across the in near .

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