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have spent almost 4 years trying to impeach while they try to open the borders to immigrants that are literally coming from all over the world (paid for by ). is a Democrat stronghold. This is their doing.

No one will ever convince me that a Democrat is working for the people. It is a globalist party, hell bent on destroying the most successful sovereign nation on planet earth.

Terminator 7 will never be released. Terminator 1.1 is on the way. Share this post of you agree with its contents.

I've got to say it is kinda funny to hear Kim Kardashian saying NOICE in an Aussie accent 😂 😆 😎 👍

Dance Monkey is catchy, but man it's weird to see a young woman dressed like an old man, singing with a high pitched voice. It's different.

Conor McGregor better get in quick, because if this fight goes the distance, I can see Cerrone finishing McGregor.

So this is how I cook meatballs. Note: I literally cook everything I make on a little $20 butane stove. And I mean everything. How good am I?

I promise you - you will laugh your head off at this video. Don't take my word for it. Watch it and see if you don't laugh.

Society is really getting this wrong. Before we go to Mars or create flights that get from Sydney to London in 4 hours, why can't we get these people a place to sleep? Really, why? It's a rhetorical question. We all know the answer.

So here's that chicken burger I've been saying I was going to make. I eventually settled on Praise Free Range Egg Traditional Creamy Mayonnaise.

This is kind of funny. I feel a little bad for Elon. I'm sure he will take another look at it and improve the faults. But didn't they test it first!? lol, wow..

I am not a rideshare driver. I wrote this article on a video by explaining why. In short, it's just too dangerous.

You know what I really find odd?

That there's a "Department of Human Services". What's the point of specifying that it's for humans? Unless of course the people that run it AREN'T HUMAN. That would make sense..

Anyway, I'm glad they're very specific, because I wouldn't want to accidentally walk into the department of PARROT services; or REPTILE services.

Gee I'm good...

Repost! Look how well Kava is doing since I made this video one week ago.But this is just the start. and Kava are going to grow x 100 over the next couple of years. I'm trying to get at least four figures into each ASAP. $1,000 will be $100,000 in 2 years.


I don't know whether to call myself a prophet or a profit! 😂🤣😆👍

Part of my new menu. I’m on a mission to reduce carbs like rice and pasta and eat mostly fruit, vegetables and meat (with a little carbs). These meals are to take to work.

Morning Tea:

Lunch: cooked with mixed herbs and chilli; and a made with and

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