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ate his way from 145 to 170, and then he ran into the octagon doing cartwheels and butterfly kicks, lol. He won't make that mistake again, I am 100% sure. I think when Conor fights again at 170.. after TRAINING up to that weight, he's going to blow everyone away.

I just upgraded from 18.04 to 19.10 Totally free. Now I have a state of the art Linux system, thanks to all the hard work by the Linux community. So glad I am not using anymore. My 2012 model Celeron Toshiba with 1.8GB RAM is running like a dream. It used to grind to a halt with Windows. I love Linux. I am saving ALL KINDS of money! <3

What is ?

This little video does a great job of explaining. Linux will be bigger than before long.

Mark my words. I estimate it will overtake Windows within about 5 years. Say 2025 (even though currently Linux has only 1% of the market share). I will NEVER use Windows again.

Let me tell you a little story. I'd also like to save you a lot of money, grief and heartache..

I WOULD agree with this, except that this kind of standard is only valued by the RIGHT. The left are completely unscrupulous -- and are willing to vocally and aggressively brainwash their students. Therefore, the whole meme is moot, because the right needs to start stepping up too before we lose what's left of any freedom in this world.

Conor is back. And I believe him that he's not interested in the belt. Sorry Chael Sonnen 😂🤣😎👍

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