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It's intriguing that holding up a outrages the more than burning down .

has an awesome superpower that revives tired old . Thinking of buying a new computer? DON'T do it before you read this!

I run which is an alternative agency that specializes in promoting companies that promote truth. Let me know if you need some help or ideas.

I will stop sharing stuff from , and -- because videos always seem to go missing, so it's a complete waste of time. Now I will upload to Minds directly, or link to, or another alternative news platform.

Special Deal | Usually lifetime membership costs $80, but FreedomWorkshop is currently offering a LIFETIME membership deal for only $20. FastestVPN works with and

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Mastodon is a city connected to the Mastodon metropolis. Mastodon is a decentralised open source software that unites thousands of microblogs (called instances) into one big "federation". In other words, Mastodon is a "federated" microblogging platform; a metropolis with thousands of little cites (referred to as "instances"). Users can post 500-character status messages which can optionally include images, topic tags, and linked mentions of other users.